Some of the best moments of my life are when I forget myself. So I use a variety of different images from my experiences, paint them, scan them, print them, and paint them again to reflect on the world and how we might see ourselves in it. Through this, the people around me, and forgetting myself in the process I manage to feel more. The feeling of ‘connectedness’ plays an essential role in the human condition. Ironic, then, that another facet is the isolation we feel at different moments in our lives.  
I require that my work is sincere, encourages thought, and keeps me happy. There’s something metaphorical about it all to be able to bear reality and its process of revision. Since my images turn in on themselves and show how incidentally I’ve adjusted the sacred things in my life I’m pressured to appreciate and pursue more. The unavoidable irreverence of a picture’s life today is similar to ourselves. Just as my paintings represent a continuum of significance and meaning, my own personal struggle to ‘belong’ is a comfort to me because it allows me to experience an absence of self.